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Value vs. Values: Defending international education in a complex world

Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Symposium on LeadershipSurging nationalism and shifting regional alliances are disrupting international education. The value of international education--moral, educational, financial and personal--is underpinned by even deeper values--multiculturalism, diversity, and internationalism. But these values are under siege. In some countries universities are criticized for favoring international students over domestic. In others, powerful leaders are threatening and punishing outspoken faculty. At this tumultuous moment in world history, universities have become targets for attacks on international exchange of ideas and people. Mobility, research, teaching, and funding are all being threatened and constrained at this critical moment in world history.

This symposium explores the ways volatility in international relations impacts international education. Thought leaders from around the globe will expose the attacks and challenges threatening university programs and international priorities. Through thoughtful analysis, rich discussion and powerful examples, SIOs and university leaders will be empowered to defend and advance international education on their campuses and in their communities.

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